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Features and Suggestions



  • Charlotte Franklin

    REALLY would love to have user-to-user private messaging. 

  • Angela Wilkes

    First, I love the site and the simplicity of it. Thanks so much for all your hard work! I do have a few suggestions:

    1) On Bulletin board, allow comments/replies to add attachments (pics, docs, etc)

    2) On Documents, allow new tabs of documents to be made by admin. I'd love to have a tab called "Newsletters" to upload HOA newsletters.

    3) The ability to Hide or Unpublish certain pages, such as the Online Dues. We already have that option built into our management software, so I don't want to confuse the residents.

    4) The ability for admin, and maybe residents also, to download/save/print the directory.

  • Alan Schoenwald

    A voting function

  • Tom Kidwell

    A voting function for all owners as well as separate discussion board with voting for Board Members.

  • Jennifer Filipowski

    In the Directory:

    • Allow for the listing of other household members (i.e., children along with ages)
    • Include birthdates for adults as well (month and day displayed only)


  • Tom Kidwell

    Directory -

    In addition to the excellent suggestion of allowing the listing to include other household members (and birth dates for everyone), it would be extremely useful to include pets with a photo, description, etc..  Bonus points if adding a pet triggered a Pet Rules and Restrictions pop-up along with acknowledgment.

    The acknowledgment pop-up would also be very useful to include when rules, bylaws, etc. are accessed by users the first time.

    Finally, a prompt that is triggered by a user-entered insurance policy expiration date and the ability to upload proof of insurance by residents/owners.



  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez

    Instead of a voting option, due to the legalities, a poll feature would be more appropriate. like/dislike

  • Jani Bagheri

    It would be nice to be able to add pictures to facilities, and for the facilities to be viewable as a separate page on the main page. This would particularly help people who are looking to buy into the neighborhood as they want to know what is available to them.

    A page for realtors to go to when looking to view HOA covenants for prospective buyers would also be helpful.


  • Angela Wilkes

    The ability to book an event from a mobile device. I've had a few residents ask for this feature.

  • Isabel Valtierrez

    1) In the Directory, allow for site owner to send an email to individual residents. I believe we only have the option of sending an email to everyone through the Message Board, but not to individual residents. I need to send an email with private information, and it would be nice not to have to go to my email to do this. 

    2) Allow for credits/dues owed to be entered into each account. I have a few residents with credits and a few with balances on their accounts, and it has been a very manual process. 

    3) In the payments section, also allow for emails to be sent directly to individual homeowners. 

    4) Cash flow report would be nice

    5) Reminders that HOA dues are coming up due

    6) Many of the residents have emailed me directly concerned that they did not receive a receipt after their transaction was posted. So a confirmation email would also be nice. 

  • Harbours at solomons

    Would be great to post an Event Announcement and have members RSVP.


  • Robin Harnish

    Our community has a beach access gate.  It would be helpful to be able to add custom attributes like Beach Key Numbers and assign them to each member.  This would be useful for any shared asset where members have individual keys (beach gate, clubhouse, storage...)

  • Eric Rodriguez

    How can we know when a resident makes a payment? Do they get a receipt? Do we get notified via email?

  • Abbie Barfield

    How do I know which resident makes a payment? Is there a feature to track which homeowner/resident has or has not paid? Are there reminders I can set for when dues are coming and for when it's time to pay? 

  • Rob Rusher

    In the Directory, when a secondary address is added to a Homeowner, the 2nd address shows up in the "Addresses List". This list should only show the address in our community.

    Many of our owners have their 2nd home in our community and receive USPS mail at their primary home. We keep their primary home address in the directory in case we have to send them a certified letter.

    Maybe add a "type" to the address table to differentiate the home address from the mailing address. 

  • Rob Rusher

    Please add a message or alert for users of non-supported browser features. I have homeowners that still use IE. Then they complain to me that they just get a bouncing ball on the screen.

    I use

  • Marcy Crane, Business Mgr LOA

    Add way to email documents to the homeowners using the message board or directory. 

  • Peter Nauyokas

    Requesting more site design controls for branding control purposes such as:

    - Font selection

    - Font sizing

    - Offer a handful of template designs

    - Offer a little bit of advance CSS control options for design controls like margins, padding, etc. (can be options from a drop down so no one has to know CSS code).

  • Peter Nauyokas

    Would like to be able to add social media links (Facebook, Nextdoor) in top header menu and footer sections.

  • Peter Nauyokas

    Would like to add additional customizable pages or sections to the website such as an area to list important resource information and links (mailbox replacement company, utility companies, local school information, etc.)

    I can always add a document with this information but would rather have it more forward facing in the site menu/site map than buried under the documents section.

  • Peter Nauyokas

    Site map page and page link option for the Site footer section (optional turn on/off)?

  • Peter Nauyokas

    Since Gladly is now using a multi-tiered subscription based model, I think the higher tiers should offer a way for the site owner, board and/or manager roles to manage the invoicing and tracking of online due payments as well as the issuing late notices for dues via registered email account to individuals.  I envision that email a template based email feature similar to the invitation email template already offered.

    Would you also consider the highest tier with the benefit of a single low flat rate to use for the payment convenience fees regardless of payment method (Credit, debit, e-check, ACH)?

  • William Earl

    Directory:  we currently have the ability to add multiple roles to people.  It would be nice if we had roles/tags that could be added to Addresses.  This is helpful to indicate when a property is being sold (a reminder that we'll need to research new owners at some point)  When a property is Rental (regardless of owner/rental person attached to it.)   The ability to view these tags should be covered by the existing Role functionality.

  • Leigh Yu

    Message boards are challenging.  Sometimes people post things that are somewhat permanent information and sometimes people post things that are transient, and so the boards get cluttered.  So some feature requests:

    - List view for message board, sortable by date (most recent first)

    - Indicator for "new message", preferably since the last time a user logged in and viewed the board

    - An "expiration date" for messages... for example, if I want to post about trash collection this week, let me put in the expiration date so that it automatically gets removed next week

    - Ability to "pin" or flag messages that contain somewhat permanent information

  • Jason Overstreet


    • There should be an option to show all address information to other homeowners, as well as each individual's option to hide pieces of their information from the general neighborhood (like phone). Just showing a name doesn't help a neighbor much.
    • Alignment of directory information is a bit off depending on the name field.
    • Allow for filters by Role and Street Name
    • Adding Pets with pictures, with the ability to do an easy view of all of the pets so people can look up an owner when one's found running around.
  • Jason Overstreet


    • Add a view that shows just a list of the events and their dates/times.
    • Add a search function
    • Add a permission/role setting (for Board meetings, Committee meetings, etc)
  • Jason Overstreet

    Photo Gallery:

    • Allow multiple folders (People might want to create albums of different events, Pet directories, etc)
    • Allow description/information block for each picture and album
    • Add a permission/role setting per folder/album
  • Jason Overstreet


    • Re-order top level documents
    • Ability to move folders into other folders
    • Allow description/information block for each file and folder
    • Allow for public to view some directories (for real estate agents to find covenants or other info)
    • Add a search function (bonus points for searching within the documents)
    • Allow tags for documents so that they might appear in multiple 'folders'
  • Jason Overstreet


    • Allow a custom favicon.ico for favorites and tab icons.
    • Allow more folders/'rooms' for Message Board or Tags to allow for better organization.
    • If more folders/'rooms' for Message board, allow permission/role settings
    • Create a 'homes for sale' feature off the front page highlighting available homes in the neighborhood with links to realtors' pages.

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